• 1005 King Street East
  • Hamilton, Ontario. L8M 1C6

Serving Our Community

Since 1899, we are the men and women who have been serving Hamilton, ON public transit needs. We operate and maintain Hamilton Street Railway buses. When public transit in Hamilton originated, it was important that Hamilton residents have a safe, easy and reliable method of transportation to get around the city, including work, shopping malls, attractions, and personal visits.

Moreover, the original idea of public transit for Hamilton began as an economic development strategy, which would result in the industrial and commercial growth of transit. Although many Hamilton residents used private vehicles as a means of transportation, there were still thousands of Hamiltonians including retirees, the elderly, single mothers, those without a driver’s permit, the unemployed, and teenagers who all solely relied on public transit as their main means of transportation.

The value of public transit is on the rise, again for the purpose of the economy. As gas prices continue to rise, people rely less on their personal vehicle and more on public transit. Public transit will only continue to rise in Hamilton’s future.