• 1005 King Street East
  • Hamilton, Ontario. L8M 1C6

Our Members

Over 700 men and women of ATU 107 work for the city-owned Hamilton Street Railway (HSR). The most visible of us are the 450 or so Bus Operators. They serve 30 routes in the Greater Hamilton Area and collectively carry over 30 million passengers per year. Their safety record is outstanding, and always has been.

One in four members of ATU Local 107 work behind the scenes in various capacities. Our members in Maintenance are highly skilled tradespeople who not only keep the buses clean and in good repair, they also extend the service life of the entire fleet, saving Hamilton taxpayers significant costs. Then there are the dozens of support staff, such as clerks, reservationists and Inspectors, all who play a role in keeping the system running smoothly.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of our members live in the Greater Hamilton area served by the HSR. Many, if not most, are lifelong residents. The rest chose Hamilton as a home for themselves and their families.

All of us care deeply about our community and the safety and reliability of the HSR. After all, our friends, neighbours and family ride our buses, along with thousands of others we may not know personally but know they rely on us to get around.

So we take care. You can count on us. See you on the bus!