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Labour Day 2020 Caravan Plan

To allow us to track numbers, please register a vehicle for the Caravan and/or Tailgate at hdlc.ca/caravan.

We thank affiliates for their patience in allowing the Labour Council some flexibility in preparing alternate planning for this year’s Labour Day. The following plan will allow for varying degrees of social distancing depending on the decrees by Public Health and all levels of government at that time.

The plan is two-fold:


A caravan of vehicles which starts at the City Hall parking lot and makes its way all the way down Main St., onto Queenston Rd., right at Centennial Parkway and continues up the Starlite Drive-In on Green Mountain Rd. in Upper Stoney Creek.

We will start queueing cars up in the parking lot at 10 a.m. with a departure time of 11 a.m.

NOTE: Because the City’s SEAT (Special Events) group is not officially approving any large scale events at this time due to unknown pandemic factors, there will be no road closures during this caravan. We will be following the traffic signals and signage.

We will likely be travelling in the outer right lane for as much of the trip as possible. We will be going between 15-20km/h, which will allow us to complete the route in about 45 minutes. We would suggest that once the right turn happens from Queenston Rd. onto Centennial Parkway, the formal caravan is done and vehicles can travel the rest of the way to the Drive-In at their own pace, or head to wherever else they may be going.

WE WILL NOT be able to keep a perfect, unbroken, line for the entire route. It’s okay! Have fun with the group you’re in. Blast your horns and play music. Let a big chunk of Hamilton know we’re bringing a Labour Day to “parade” to them this year! If you are going to decorate your cars, just please respect the fact that other traffic may be around you while driving so things sticking too far out of windows or the trunk may be unsafe.

WE WILL NOT be able to guarantee that unions will be able to be in a pre-determined order during the caravan or parked side by side at the Drive-In. The best chance you have of ensuring that is to enter the City Hall parking lot at the same time and have parking spots near each other there.

ANOTHER NOTE: IF POSSIBLE (depending on restrictions at that time) we would encourage carpooling. While we understand the carbon footprint we’re exerting by doing a caravan is higher than we would like, it would be great if people could share rides with each other. If the social distancing rules have relaxed enough by that point, we can help to facilitate an online form for ride share offers/requests.


The Starlite Drive-In holds between 900-1000 cars in three screening areas. Because the audio from their films is transmitted by FM signal, anyone in a car with a FM radio should be able to tune in the audio portion of what we’re planning for speeches and potential entertainment at the drive-in no matter what area you end up in.

This venue provides the most flexibility for advance planning during the pandemic:

  • If a second wave hits and we’re restricted to our cars, listening to radio and eating a picnic lunch inside with family or a friend, we’re covered.

  • If we can set up lawn chairs by our cars and be socially distant from the people in chairs by their cars, we’re covered.

  • If we’re allowed to have people gathering in small groups of 10-20 by finding someone’s car to be beside or an unoccupied spot on the grounds, we’re covered.

  • If it rains or there’s a heat wave… welcome to a normal Labour Day!

The Starlite has approved us bringing in our own food for the event. We would ask that (as much as possible) you take your own garbage away as well. It is extremely likely that we will not be providing any food or drinks for sale on-site.

There will be washroom facilities available on site at the concession building.

We hope to be there by noon. We want to be leaving by 2 p.m. You cannot camp out until the movies are on that night… sorry to disappoint those crafty people who were already planning this. 🙂

Regardless of the details of how we celebrate, we’ll still be together in solidarity.

This is our Labour Day 2020 plan. It’s not perfect, but it is flexible during a time when we don’t know what next week will hold.

If you know you would like to book a car in the caravan, we would appreciate having an idea of numbers in advance. Please go to http://hdlc.ca/caravan and let us know your email address and union local. If, for some reason, we exceed our parking spaces at City Hall, and need to look for additional spaces to gather, we may have to contact some people to gather nearby. If we do that, we’ll try to keep people from union locals together where possible

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