Hamilton getting its share of federal transit money

Hamilton will get its share of 1.5 billion dollars in federal transit money being handed out by Ottawa today.

The money is part of the Trudeau government’s first budget and mayor Eisenberger says Hamilton’s share is between 32 and 36 million dollars.

He says money will be used to buy new buses, transit shelters and technology upgrades.

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Federal, Ontario Liberals sign $1.49B transit funding agreement

The federal government has cracked open its coffers with $1.49 billion in new transit infrastructure money for everything from new transit vehicles to upgraded stations.

The details were announced Tuesday morning by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne at a municipal transit garage in Barrie, Ont.

About $500 million of the projects announced this morning will be in Toronto, with Ottawa next on the list at $156 million.
Waterloo, Barrie and Sudbury, where the federal cabinet just wrapped up a two-day retreat, will receive about $30.6 million combined for 20 projects.
In Toronto the money will go toward fixing up bridges, a subway yard upgrade and replacing a fire main at Wilson Yard along with upgrades to buses and streetcars.

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Dear Members,

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ATU Online Survey on Transit Worker Assaults


Dear Local Officers,

From Winnipeg, MB, to Toronto, ON to Kelowna, BC, to Brampton, ON, assaults on ATU members and all transit workers have become an epidemic. Not a week goes by that we don’t hear stories about bus operators and other transit workers being punched, stabbed, yelled at, spit on, shot at, and worse.

ATU is calling on transit agencies, law enforcement, and elected officials to better protect all transit workers and riders. That is why it is important that you tell your stories of senseless attacks on bus operators, like the ones we too often read in the news each day and voice your opinion on the best ways to address this problem.

We want to hear from you about the key points and recommendations to prevent attacks on transit workers. Below is a link to our new survey on operator assaults that we want you to fill it out and send to your members to fill out: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JHTLL2P

The following resource is also available on the subject Ripped from the Headlines / Canada: Bus Drivers Under Attack

If you have any questions, please contact my office.
In solidarity,

Lawrence J. Hanley
International President

Tips to stay safe on the job for fleet maintenance workers

Dear Local Officers,

As part of our effort to help you keep your members informed about health and safety issues, and their rights on the job, we are sending you the next ATU Bulletin.

The latest ATU Bulletin offers tips on how fleet maintenance workers can stay safe on the job. These ATU members often use hazardous products and chemicals on the job that are toxic to the lungs, skin, liver and other body organs. They also risk exposure and inhalation of diesel exhaust, which can lead to cancer and other diseases. These tips can help fleet maintenance workers reduce exposure and make sure they know their rights on the job.

This Bulletin can be downloaded here and easily printed by most computers. We encourage you to post it on bulletin boards and hand them out to members. It can also be included in your Local union publications.

I hope you find this information helpful for your members. As always your feedback is appreciated.

In solidarity,
Larry Hanley
International President